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Our project development life cycle process:


Meeting with the customer

The first meeting is very important to get acquainted and discuss the main ideas of the project so we can understand your purpose, capture your project requirements, identifying your target audience, and collect information about the nature of your business in form of face-to-face or zoom meeting.


System design and analysis

We proceed to quantify the magnitude of the project, its system structure and formulate the initial concept plan. We generate a full analysis and present it to the client to seek permission to implement before proceeding.


Implementation and Testing

We work hard to implement the initial concept within its agreed constraints. Our professional team thrives to work collaboratively to decorate the project for desired outcome with creativity, details and innovation. We check the system structure to identify the issues and guarantee seamless functionality as well as compatibility and code validation.


Feedback from the client

Our project is 95% Complete and its time for us to collect feedback from the client by presenting the demo version. We make necessary changes, if any, within its agreed concept constraints. We also collect, analyse and implement any deviations from the agreed initial concept and present relevant cost and/or time variation.


Project Deployment and Handover

We ensure the project is compelete to the client's satisfaction and desire. The project is deployed and integrated with the existing systems. Its time to handover the project and celebrate sucess. We provide continuous support and maintenance, if the client wants, in our monthly plans.